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Established in 2003, Tiburon Media Group is a marketing technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California. We specialize in enabling digital performance based advertising and lead generation through 36 million data driven requests per month.

Today, some of the world's largest brands are creating immediate value by utilizing our platform to deliver compelling value propositions to their target customers. We acquire over 2 million customers a month for our various clients across the globe.

So whether your goal is to find a new revenue stream by integrating our digital monetization solutions or acquiring new customers via the Tiburon Media network, you have found the right place.

What We Do

The ability to collect vast amounts of data while acquiring new customers, both online and via mobile devices, promises unprecedented growth for most companies. However, achieving these capabilities poses myriad challenges for the same companies. Navigating an overly complicated online marketing environment, overseeing customer acquisition costs, managing an effective customer outreach program and executing secure and efficient data management strategies often become limiting factors of growth.

Tiburon Media Group empowers marketing focused businesses with cloud-based customer acquisition and data management solutions. We simplify and accelerate customer engagement and provide incremental revenue opportunities. Quite simply, we allow companies to acquire and retain new customers, then help maximize the lifetime value of each new customer.

Acquiring, connecting, integrating, enhancing and transmitting data are the cornerstones of what Tiburon Media Group delivers. We decrease marketing and infrastructure costs, increase speed of deployment and create a dynamic, secure environment in which companies are able to deploy innovative marketing campaigns, communicate effectively with their customers and securely manage and gain insight into their data.

  • Reach new Customers
  • Target the right audience
  • Convert browsers into buyers
  • Retarget consumers
  • Manage prospect database
  • Enhance data records
  • Monetize digital inventory
  • Analyze marketing activity

Technology Platform

Tiburon Media's proprietary technology has transformed performance-based marketing by providing the power to increase sales and engage customers across both mobile and web properties. We move beyond the walls of a traditional ad-serving environment through a seamless real time dialogue that facilitates a successful relationship with our partners.

With database solutions able to communicate bi-directionally using various protocols; XML, WCF, API Call, JSON, Http Get or Post, FTP, SOAP, etc, Tiburon Media is able to upload, cleanse, validate, append, format and transmit data to our clients in their chosen format, in an encrypted transmission.

Platform Capabilities

Platform Capabilities

  • Simple Integration

    Simple Integration

    Javascript solution with a single line of code. Limited tech resources required to implement our innovative ad serving technology.

  • Scalable Architecture

    Scalable Architecture

    Our platform handles 36 Million data requests per month from over 30 countries with a current database of unique users of over 35 Million.

  • Customer Engagement

    Customer Engagement

    Real-time optimization and support from a dedicated Campaign Manager.

  • Optimize by Revenue

    Optimize by Revenue

    A real time API is set up to track revenue per marketing source for our partners to optimize their marketing strategy to generate maximum revenue.

  • Technical flexibility

    Technical flexibility

    Capability to accept and transmit data using major protocols including: JSON, SOAP, XML, WCF API CALLS, HTTP-GET, HTTP-POST, FTP, DDE, MVC

  • System Reliability

    System Reliability

    Cloud based scalability with failover redundancy of Cisco routers, application and database servers.

  • BIG Data Management

    BIG Data Management

    Ability to manage vast amounts of data along with real-time & historical data reporting.

  • Data Security

    Data Security

    All data transmissions are secured over SSL and stored in a database using high-end encryption techniques.

  • MultiVariate Testing

    MultiVariate Testing

    A/B multivariate split testing - ability to test various formats in real-time to make informed, analytical decisions.

  • Technical Support

    Technical Support

    24/7 technical support from dedicated team

Technology Platform

Our Clients

Our team of experts and Tiburon Media's interactive approach maximizes the overall ROI.

We provide our clients the power to successfully reach target audiences, personalize customer experiences and create profitable relationships. Our clients include some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world.

Network Partners

At Tiburon Media, we partner with the highest quality publishers in their respective fields of health, finance, e-commerce, technology, education and market research.

Your Digital Media Partner
  • Revenue

    • Traffic Monetization
    • Data Collection and Management
    • Multivariate Testing
    • Social media acquisition
    • Cross channel lead generation
  • Stability

    Tiburon Media utilizes redundant ad servers and a mirrored database that records a 99.92% third party audited up time. We insert, validate, append and post over 70,000 leads a day and are able to integrate with any database environment.

  • Ad Management

    Each placement is customized to be seamlessly
    integrated within the digital property content.

    • Permission Based Marketing
    • Full Editorial Control
    • Offer Count & Selection
    • Real-time Offer Pull Down
  • Limited Tech Resources

    The Tiburon Media JavaScript is a simple line of code, requiring only a few minutes to implement. Our technology team are readily available to aid in implementations and have created hundreds of personalized JavaScript integrations for our partners. There is no need for a massive integration document or numerous pages of JavaScript to weigh down your technology team.

TMG Team

We have some of the best people in the industry with deep digital knowledge and numerous years of experience working with a wide array of clients. Please feel free to reach out to any of us today.

  • Sean Eilers

    Sean Eilers

    Founder & CEO

  • Tom Callagy

    Tom Callagy

    Vice President of Sales

  • Chris Parry

    Chris Parry

    Vice President of Business Development

  • Gabe Bletnitsky

    Gabe Bletnitsky

    Vice President of Sales

  • Danielle Carire

    Danielle Carire

    Director of Finance

  • Cole Bridge

    Cole Bridge

    Account Manager

  • Rahul Richhi

    Rahul Richhi

    Head of Information Technology

  • Tara Boyer

    Tara Boyer

    Campaign Manager

  • Shivani Richhi

    Shivani Gupta

    Account Manager

Our Team from South Africa

  • Rich de Waal

    Rich de Waal

    Managing Director

  • Nick Wonfor

    Nick Wonfor


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