Customer Acquisition
& Site Monetization


Tiburon Media Group works with Fortune 500 companies, boutique agencies, and everything in between. We help lead buyers put compelling value propositions in front of their target audience to acquire new customers in a cost-effective, compliant fashion.

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Tiburon Media Group partners with some of the largest web publishers in the United States to monetize their funnels. By placing relevant campaigns in front of your audience, you generate revenue for your site & create value for your users.

Easy Implementation

With one simple line of javascript, your site will have access to hundreds of high-performing ad campaigns from some of the biggest brands in the US.

Real-Time APIs

We’ve built our APIs to meet our partners’ needs. We provide real-time tracking so you always know the CPM.

Native Design

We design our ads to match the look and feel of your site, and we consistently test formats to increase ROI.

Operational Support

Becoming one of our publishers means that you’ll be partnering with our highly-responsive Ad Operations team who will help you strategize to achieve optimal performance.

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Our dashboards & analytics applications allow our team to visually explore our data and make informed decisions to enhance ad performance and drive higher CPMs.

Evolving Technology

Always innovating, we have designed our Ad Platform to include the latest available technology to improve performance.

Technical Support

The Tiburon Media Group technical team is comprised of highly skilled engineers who work 24/7 to ensure all your questions are answered and your needs are met.

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